About Me/Links

Sarah Siegel 
is the recipient of the coveted “Peakie” award for excellence in Features writing for SFU’s The Peak Newspaper.

She is also the former bra-burning feminist blogger of Zelda Lily and, most recently, has contributed work to Sad Mag and The Georgia Straight.

But here she just writes about books — mostly ones she didn’t like.


Posting Schedule:

Blogging times and dates are currently irregular, owing to having full-time job and being a slow reader, so the aim is to have new posts at least once a week, every week. Hopefully every now and then it’ll be more than that.

Social Media

You can find me on:




And, finally, you can always contact me at: tleavesdogears@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Me/Links

  1. Hi there. I just wanted to go on record and say that it’s really refreshing to find someone with genuine arguments, and someone who can elaborate a comment and a reply without sounding completely stupid (especially on the whovian fandom). I may not agree with all that you say, but I agree with part of it, and you make reasonable arguments for all of your points. So you keep going girl! And may the force be with you! No, wait, that’s from another fandom…

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