Welcome to our story!

It all began with a passion for crafting handmade products that embodied both creativity and quality. We started our journey in a small workshop, fueled by a desire to bring unique pieces to the customer. Each item was crafted with care, reflecting our dedication to our love for the craft.
As our handmade products gained recognition and admiration, we realized the potential to expand our offerings. We started with the goal of creating a collection that celebrates handmade craftsmanship while also offering a variety of products to meet the needs and tastes of our customers.

Our Vision

By carefully sourcing and working with Vietnamese artisans, we expanded our product line to include items that reflect our values of quality, creativity, and authenticity. From handmade treasures to everyday essentials, each product in our collection is crafted from simple, natural materials that are environmentally friendly, such as rattan, bamboo, cotton, and yarn.
Today, we stay true to our roots in craftsmanship while also embracing new ideas and growth. Our journey reflects our passion, persistence, and dedication. We invite you to join us as we aim to bring joy and inspiration to your everyday life with our collection of handcrafted products.

Defining Elements of Our Brand

Meet our team

Founder, Marketing Manager

Tien Hung


Lan Nguyen



Julie Thao