Anyone else watching Westworld through a lens of miserable apathy?

Bit of a sensational headline, but for those of you who are watching, 1: I do want to discuss spoilers so — SPOILER WARNING — but 2: I more want to discuss why this is being heralded as some kind of instant classic when it’s… not very good?

Subjective opinions are just that, but apart from Anthony Hopkins* and Evan Rachel Wood the acting on the show seems really wooden, the scripting can be incredibly clunky (Elsie’s bizarre use of the word “fuck” made me assume she had to be a host just because she sounded so mechanical in her delivery), and the twists aren’t really that twisty.

A lot of news outlets have been talking about how redditors “ruined” the show’s major surprises, but I also feel like certain plot points — Bernard is a host, Bernard is Arnold, William is the Man in Black (still not confirmed, but pretty obvious at this point), and Dolores killed Arnold… they were all pretty heavily telegraphed early on, weren’t they?

Maybe I’m more annoyed at yet another HBO show finding an excuse to have a whorehouse and rape plotline for the sake of meeting their nudity quota — and don’t get me started on the really odd objectified black penis in an earlier episode – but all in all, what major artistry am I missing here? Because it kind of just seems like a male rape/adventure fantasy in fancy dress.

Plus, for anyone watching because they love a good AI consciousness parable, Channel4’s Humans is much better, more nuanced, more character-driven, and has Jen from the IT Crowd.

*And even then, he’s basically just sleepwalking his way through a Greatest Hits of past roles.

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