Ding ding!

So instead of completing her “Twilight from Edward’s perspective” book, Stephanie Meyer just dropped a brand-new Twilight re-write on the world, and if you don’t think this is Meyer thumbing her nose at James, you’re… probably right, but let me dream:

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined brings us the gender-swapped story of the human, Beaufort (yes, seriously) and the vampire Edythe (hahahahaha whatever) having to go to high school and making sad eyes at each other.

Will Beaufort get pregnant with Edythe’s vampire child? I mean… Meyer probably didn’t think this all the way through, but let’s all enjoy the increasing delicious silliness of this feud I just made up, and marvel at how much two female writers are absolutely showering in money in an industry that’s constantly on the verge of collapse.

Because seriously, you do have to love that the publishing industry is being almost entirely propped up by women, even if you don’t like the books that they’re using to prop it up.

Am I going to read Life and Death? Good God, no.

But please do follow Cleolinda Jones, the original Twilight recapper, who is livetweeting her read-through right now.

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