Update on The Man-Booker Challenge 2014 and Some Delightful Links

To Rise Again

The shameful truth is that I’ve been a bit lazy so far with the Man-Booker challenge. I’m about 75% of the way through Joshua Ferris’s To Rise Again at a Decent Hour (which isn’t great after a week and a half). Without spoiling the review I plan to give later, I can at least say that it’s not the book’s fault that it’s taking me this long. It reads at a pretty fast clip, but I just got Dragon Age: Inquisition which is a beautiful time suck.

In any event, I should have the review up by the end of the week and then we can start on the next book on the short list.

In the meantime, here are some not-lazy bloggers whose work you might enjoy while you wait:

Victoria McNally does her best to analyze what little she’s given with Doctor Who‘s newly-released Christmas Special poster and title.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Cox helps you celebrate the fact that Who has hired its first female writer since the Russell T. Davies era.

Kiss My Wonder Woman gives a great review of the newest Hunger Games movie.

Cajun Ginger would like you ‘splain her Thanksgiving, if you have some spare time.

St. Ridley Santos presents an analysis of Chaucer’s anti-semitism and critique of the church (holiday spirit!).

Canadian novelist, columnist and all-around solid dude Michael Hingston has a great essay about ink in The Walrus.

Vince Mancini has a play-by-play of the new diversity-free trailer for Joe Wright’s Peter Pan reboot.

And finally, enjoy this video from one of the only booktubers I regularly watch, Sanne from Books and Quills. She’s fun and Dutch.

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