Black Mirror Is Going to Have a Christmas Special Because of Course It Will

black mirror

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s very weird, very wonderful Twitter Twilight Zone, will be back on BBC4 Christmas day. And if you were worried that the show might lose its gloomy viciousness, fear not: Brooker said he’s looking to make it a cross between the traditional “ghost story at Christmas” and the Amicus’ compendium horror movies of the 70s.

If you aren’t familiar with Amicus Productions, they are responsible for the maybe-canon Doctor Who movies starring Peter Cushing, which is a thing that happened, but are better known for Tales from the Crypt, Asylum and Vault of Horror.

So… this episode will be just like that, but with snide observations about these kids and their damn smart phones.

In reality, though, this is strangely fun. The British tradition of airing an extra episode on Christmas day of some of the country’s top shows always seemed a little weird, and often it’s an excuse to get away with telling a sappy story because it’s Christmas after all. Then all the characters can forget the lessons they learned by the time the season picks up again normally.

But I wouldn’t really have expected Brooker to offer a cuter, cuddlier version of this bleak series, which is an interesting prospect when otherwise faced with a landscape of lumpy red sweaters and togetherness and singing.

Let’s just hope he leaves the ham alone this time.


5 thoughts on “Black Mirror Is Going to Have a Christmas Special Because of Course It Will

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