Three Cheers for Marvel: Thor Is Now a Woman


Marvel announced Tuesday on The View (of all places) that in an upcoming comic series, Thor will be deemed unworthy of  Mjolnir (or “mewmew” for any Kat Dennings fans out there), and the power will instead be bestowed on a previously unknown female earthling. The story will launch sometime in October with series writer Jason Aaron still at the helm.

While we should all brace ourselves for the usual cry of, “Political correctness!” let’s give Jason Aaron an extra pat on the back for this awesome statement:

“This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR.”

Well played, Aaron.

Naturally it should be stated that this will almost certainly not have an impact on the movies in the near future. Chris Hemsworth has not been deposed — he and his biceps will still be gracing your screen for Avengers 2, and more than likely a third Thor movie as well — but a comic series is a great first step.

This also marks another strive toward increased inclusiveness on Marvel’s part. Between Kamala Khan, Miles Morales and now this, it’s nice to see that they are consciously making an effort to branch out and appeal to wider demographics.

Will you be picking up the new comic series? Are you stoked about the change, or concerned?

5 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Marvel: Thor Is Now a Woman

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  2. I kind of agree with Alli. It’s really hard to think of prominent female characters from the Big Two who aren’t “the female version of X”. Batgirl, Supergirl (and Power Girl who doesn’t have the ‘super’ in her name but is another ‘girl superman’), Miss Martian, She-Hulk, Ms Marvel etc.

    There *are* some great non-ersatz female heroes but they tend to be second stringers or members of ensembles like Black Widow, Storm, Black Canary etc.

    About the only one I can think of who has their own ongoing title is Wonder Woman. (Correct me if I’m wrong – I’m more a DC person so Marvel may have one or two).

    I sometimes think it would be cool to have an original superhero setting where the world’s most powerful and respected superhero is (and always was) a woman. DC often indicated that Superman was the inspiration for the generation of heroes that followed. (Okay, not in the new 52,but let’s not even go there. -_-) What might the DC Universe be like today if Jor-El and Lara had had a baby girl instead of Kal-El? Would there be significantly more high-profile female heroes inspired by her example?

  3. The thing is – I keep waiting for a time when there isn’t a need for a “female version of” any more. Kind of like I keep waiting for this comment to no longer be necessary, “The part wasn’t written for a black/asian/Hispanic person but the director realized casting it that way would ______” We keep hearing the battle cries of “Feminism is dead because it’s not needed any more!” (hah) and “Women are still earning significantly less than men – even though they now are attending university in greater numbers, in all disciplines.” The “Feminism isn’t needed anymore” is the equivalent of the “War on Christmas.” It’s a rallying cry to the majority who want to have the same perceived impact as the truly disenfranchised – and to lesson the impact of the very real and very serious issues which confront women in every aspect of life. Kinda sad that 150 years after the suffragette movement got rolling in the UK (or, six generations!) this conversation is still going on. But, absolutely – a female Thor is a nice idea. Just wish Wonder Woman were perceived as powerfully. After all, the ancient Athenians who had a LOT of ideas we still emulate chose Athena as their iconic goddess, protector, guide.

  4. Hemsworth is on for Avengers 2 and 3, and Thor 3, but after that he wants to be done. Bring on Thor 4 starring Juno Temple.

    • I’d like to see someone a bit older (although I know she’ll be older by the time he wraps Avengers 3), plus she seems really little.

      Although I guess if they Peter Parker’d it, it might be fun. The first person who sprung to mind was Amber Heard.

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