Lazy Sunday Links: A Whole Bunch of Nerdy Feminism

star wars

Here is a big mixed bag of the blogs, posts, arguments, feels, gifs and thoughts I’ve loved this week:

1. BattyMamzelle’s post on “White Feminism” and why it’s a problem.

2. This entire exchange on Tumblr. Related: God I love Peter Capaldi.

3. Vlogbrother Hank Green’s explanation of why we burp and fart so much. I mean, I don’t. But you might find it useful.

4. Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) unloaded a huge batch of Star Wars set photos on Twitter, including the particularly adorable shot above of Carrie Fisher and a very young Warwick Davis.

5. The New Statesman’s post about Sherlock’s major Series 3 fanwank.

6. Kiss My Wonder Woman’s excellent argument detailing why Melinda May is the fucking best.

7. Petticoat Despot’s account of some bogus sexism in the programming world.

8. Stephen Fry’s Documentary “Out There.” Which will probably bring you to tears about once every five minutes. It’s been generously uploaded to YouTube.

9. An admittedly depressing National Post article about the demise of antiquarian booksellers.

10. Charlie Jane Anders’ spoiler-laden recap of last week’s Agents of SHIELD episode. It was… admittedly not the best, but I remain faithful to this adorable goofy show to the bitter end.

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