Sandman Fans: Joseph Gordon Levitt Is Probably Your Morpheus


I’ve been sitting on a Sandman review for a while now, because I’m committed to finishing the series, so I won’t bore you with my thoughts on Neil Gaiman‘s (fucking amazing) comic series. I definitely won’t tell you that it’s a work of staggering genius on an epic scale. Or that it definitely deserves its title as a cult classic. Even if its plotlessness can sometimes make it difficult to slog through at times.

But no — this is not a review of Sandman, it’s just an update on the Sandman movie, which is a thing that is happening.

And sadly, I have to let you know that your endless petitioning to have the clearly tailor-made Tom Hiddleston play the series’ titular character hasn’t paid off. Despite the fact that he basically looks exactly like the artwork for Morpheus in his upcoming arthouse vampire flick, Only Lovers Left Alive, they’ve gone instead with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Which is fine, I suppose. If you like things that aren’t as good as Tom Hiddleston.

Now is also when I should mention that this rumor stems from a single tweet:

So there is actually no confirmation that JGL is Morpheus, but unless he’s playing Matthew, I’m not sure who else he could be.

And there you have it, folks. 300 words and a deeply attractive photo based on a single tweet. The internet at its finest.

Thoughts? Reactions? Feels?

Update: IGN is claiming he’s been approached to star and direct, which seems like a massive undertaking for a one-time director and a notoriously difficult-to-adapt story, but good luck?

One thought on “Sandman Fans: Joseph Gordon Levitt Is Probably Your Morpheus

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