The Wake: The Best New Non-Superhero Comic Series

the wake

If you’re a little worn out on the usual superhero fare at your local comic shop, I seriously recommend Sean Murphy and Scott Snyder’s brand-new series, The Wake. I’m currently 4 issues deep and more than a little annoyed that my local comic store still doesn’t have the 5th issue in — jerks. Without giving too much away, it’s a modernized version of a classic deep-sea horror adventure akin to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Moby-Dick.

The main story centers around what we presume is a present day deep-sea expedition which seeks to explore a curious “siren call” that the team has never heard before. Is it a dolphin? (It’s not a dolphin)

The comic’s cast is populated by the sort of Alien-esque rag-tag team you’d expect: The gruff, mysterious dude. The single mom. The butch female pilot. The nerd, etc.

I want to leave my recommendation there, partly because I’ve only read 4 of the eventual 10 issues, so even I don’t totally know what’s going on, but also because it’s more interesting to experience it unspoiled. Each issue ends, maddeningly, on a cliffhanger, and picks up with our crew believably escaping from danger (or not). It also gives the reader snatches of time jumps that don’t make any sense at the moment, but hold a lot of promise for future episodes should they all come together.

Either way, trust me — The Wake is about to become your new series that has nothing to do with norse gods or web-slingers.

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