It’s Time for a Script Doctor to Euthanize 50 Shades of Grey



Look folks, it was fun while it lasted, but let’s be honest: the iron has gone ice-cold on this project.

Any hope that a studio had of at least beefing up its numbers through ironic and inebriated audience attendance of EL James’s corny porn is a thing of the past. Even Snakes on a Plane couldn’t turn its viral power into a box office hit — and that was a movie people wanted to like. At best, 50 Shades is a joke, and that joke has become stale and boring.

Let’s stop wasting time talking about which unlucky up-and-coming actor will fill Christian Grey’s loose-hanging flannel pants. Let’s not allow any studio or filmmaker to delude themselves into believing that this movie should happen.

This “cultural phenomenon” is over, and we need to — as a society, for the good of humanity — just pretend it never happened.

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