Is JK Rowling Participating in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special?

The quick answer is that no one really knows for sure.

But given that the BBC announced they were working with 11 British children’s authors to come up with 11 short stories — one for each regeneration of the Doctor — as part of the show’s giant 50th anniversary celebration, nearly everyone has assumed that Rowling is on the list.

Other likely participants, according to Hypable (via i09), are Michelle Paver, Susan Price, Kate Thompson, Anthony Horowitz, Geraldine McCaughrean, Philip Pullman and Alan Garner.  Neil Gaiman isn’t on Hypable’s list, but seems like another likely candidate. Gaiman already wrote one well-received episode for the show’s sixth season, The Doctor’s Wife, and has reportedly penned another episode for the upcoming season featuring the yet-to-be-compelling cybermen.

It would be cute if Rowling’s entry (if she’s doing one at all) is for the 10th Doctor, given that David Tennant had a quick part in the fourth Potter movie as Barty Crouch Jr, seen in the above image trying to eat his own face.

As much fun as a series of short stories is, I’m a little more interested to see how they’re going to use a lot of the old actors in the show itself — particularly Christopher Eccleston who famously walked out after only one season amid a lot of rumor and not much fact, which is a shame because he remains my favorite Doctor. To be fair, I haven’t bothered to check out Classic Who yet — I only started watching a couple of months ago, but have already burned through the first six seasons.

Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone you’d like to see on the list? Fantasy football match-ups?

5 thoughts on “Is JK Rowling Participating in Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special?

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  2. Yes the Master, Tegan (The Australian Air Hostess) and Adric? Where are they now….and a little tribute to K9 and Sarah Jane (who passed away in 2011 but was so much my childhood Dr Who experience).

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