Celebrations Are in Order: 50 Shades No Longer #1 on Amazon

Though 50 Shades of Grey still sits smugly atop the New York Times list, the most popular and reviled book of the century has finally been knocked from its spot on Amazon’s bestseller list by Dark Horse Comics’ new-released The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, an encyclopedia of the game and its characters.

Dark Horse had this to say:

“…Someone had to do it!,” said Aub Driver, publicity coordinator for Dark Horse Comics, who also told us that the publisher is “thrilled to see geek, video game and pop culture enthusiasts embrace this highly sought after title with so much love.”

“I’m just glad Dark Horse Comics and Nintendo could make it happen together,” said Driver, who enthusiastically posted a screenshoot to his Facebook account earlier today of Amazon’s Best Sellers book page showing Hyrule Historia at the very top of the book list. (Our own screenshot of the page, taken minutes before our story was posted, is here just below.) “This is a huge book for us as the premier publisher of video game titles and we’re going to give the fans everything they’ve wanted and more.”

Glad tidings on this happy day.

In less happy news, my Kindle is on the fritz (again), which will undoubtedly make my eReader-bashing friends pleased with themselves, so I have no idea how long it’ll take me to get through the Man-Booker list since I already bought a few of the books and am reluctant to pick up hard copies because I’m cheap. So mostly I’m read some P.G. Wodehouse novels I picked up the other week on a bargain because I’m like that.

Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Celebrations Are in Order: 50 Shades No Longer #1 on Amazon

  1. This is a surprise made all the sweeter for someone who grew up on Nintendo. I just hope no one gets any ideas and decides to publish Zelda fanfic.

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