Emma Watson to Make Cripplingly Stupid Career Move?

Emma Watson has more money than God at this point, so you’d think that unimaginable wealth, coupled with the ludicrous amount of fame she’s amassed by playing Hermione for half her life, would mean the 22-year-old star would have the luxury of being very selective about her roles.

So far, Watson seems to be working hard to establish herself as a more adult actress, having co-starred in the Oscar-baitey My Week with Marilyn to mixed reviews and Sofia Coppola’s upcoming The Bling Ring, profiling the real-life story of a group of girls who stalked celebrities in order to rob them while they were out of the house. She’ll also be in the less trophy-begging Perks of Being a Wallflower as an adventurous teen who stars in a high school production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show because apparently Glee is real life now.


While these don’t sound like amazing opportunities (Aren’t we finally growing a little tired of Coppola’s dreamy, pointless films?), they’re all better than the newest project rumored to be on her horizon. If producers have their way, Emma Watson will be your Anastasia Steele. I’ve said this more times than I can count, but I legitimately have no idea how they’ll make a movie out of this book. It takes place over two weeks, consists mostly of mind-numbingly dull inner dialogue and necessitates hardcore sex scenes. The real shame of it is that I think Watson will take the part — if for no other reason than to sever the chord between herself and the Potter series as firmly as she can.

While I’d feel bad for any actress roped into playing Anastasia Steele, a character completely devoid of personality, ambition or sanity, Watson is the one I’d feel the worst for. She’s on shaky ground as far as building her post-Potter career goes, given that she’s not a terribly good actress and competition is stiff at this age, but only harder as she grows older, and I don’t think she — or any actress — would be able to live this part down once the dust on this mania clears and people see it for the truly awful, cringe-inducing and embarrassing book (and movie!) that it is.

Thoughts? Concerns? Rants?

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