I Did It!

I finished The Book that Shall Not Be Named. I am your new God.

It was awful, and soon there will be a review, but I need time to recover.

In the meantime, our dear friend James at The Daily Pletteau recently reviewed BBC4’s unfairly cancelled Sirens and the author contacted him to let him know that the books the show was based on are still available on Amazon under the titles Blood, Sweat and Tea and More Blood, More Sweat and Another Cup of Tea. Those wacky Brits.

But in any event, while my great white whale stays confoundedly fixed at the number one spot, I should be able to delve into Tom Reynolds’ (aka. Brian Kellett) harrowing account of life as a London ambulance tech which will undoubtedly be a pleasure cruise compared to the book that shall not be named.

In related news: I’ve clearly absorbed EL James’s reliance on overly descriptive adjectives and it’s driving me crazy. Please God don’t let anything else from this series reach number one.

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