Ugh. I’m Enjoying The Help

I have this misguided theory that before I can make fun of something, I should probably give it a fair chance first.

In some instances, like with the downright unreadable Twilight, this has served me well. But in others, I feel a little disappointed in myself when I realize that curiosity has turned into genuine interest and I’m enjoying the thing I set out to mock. This was a pleasant surprise with Harry Potter in 6th grade, but less pleasant as I’m now finding myself really enjoying The Help.

The dialect used for the maids’ points of view is a little cringe-worthy, and you can practically feel the book’s author patting herself on the back as she spins her yarn about the divide between black and white women in Mississippi in the 1960s, but sadly none of this detracts from the fact that it is a fun read.

To tell the truth, I’m not even sure what makes the book as engaging as it is, and I feel appropriately embarrassed about this, but there you have it.

That said, I’m only 29% of the way in. There’s still plenty of time for this to start sucking.

4 thoughts on “Ugh. I’m Enjoying The Help

  1. I don’t think there’s any need to feel embarrassed about it. If the movie (which I liked) is any indicator, by no means is it To Kill a Mockingbird, but it’s a crowd-pleaser that’s just very good at navigating its formula.

    • I suppose I’m more embarrassed by how much I like it, given the fact that it’s something that’s easy to scoff at (and many people have). But that’s the joy of random reading — picking up stuff you wouldn’t have necessarily thought to.

      I still need to see the movie.

  2. I started reading right as the fourth book was coming out. I remember because I was blown away by the concept of a midnight release for a book and scoffed at the upcoming movie until, y’know, I read it.

    When did you start reading?

    I’ve heard the movie was good. I don’t know, I did see a lot of snark for the usual, “White girl saves the civil rights movement” trope, so I shied away because of it. I’ll be watching the movie soon, I expect.

  3. I did not read it but the movie was excellent. Wait, you read Harry Potter in the sixth grade? Wow. When people say stuff like that (and this is not the first I have heard) I suddenly feel very old.

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