Book News: Paramound Planning “Updated” Tom Sawyer Movie Because They Can

"Sucks to your childhood."

Filmdrunk reports that Hollywood has already decided that a 128-year-old book that has had roughly 44 film and TV adaptations needs a 21st Century update. Ready your Tiger Beat subscriptions: that scamp Tom Sawyer and his “little white trash creep” friend Huck Finn are coming back to a theater near you, care of the guy who wrote The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

The studio has picked up a spec by Andy Burg titled Huck, with Peter Chernin and Dylan Clark producing along with Matt Lopez.
The storyline is being kept under wraps, but the project is described as a re-imagining in the vein of Snow White and the Huntsman, focusing on Sawyer and Finn as adults. There also are supernatural elements to the script.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

No matter how much you loved JTT or (the late) Brad Renfro, Tom & Huck already sucked so thoroughly you’d think they would finally put Mark Twain’s all-American troublemakers to rest. Then add to that the fact that they’re not even going to be mischievous kids, but rather (presumably) rakish 20-somethings and you have all the makings of… well, Supernatural. And from what I can tell, the clock ran out on Supernatural about four years ago.

There are other books. There are other characters.

And so help me God if they cast Shia LeBeouf.

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