Vince Flynn’s Kill Shot: The Mediocre Spy Thriller that Frustrated a Nation

Don't worry: this book contains the absolute minimum of cheese-eating surrender monkeys possible for a book set in Paris.

The controversy surrounding the e-Book’s content count was probably the most exciting part of this reading experience. Tragically, as I mentioned before, they’d fixed my e-Book count and Flynn has issued an “official apology” to his fans for the error.

Dear Mitch Rapp fans

I would like to apologize for some of the confusion that occurred for those of you who read Kill Shot in the digital format. We thought readers would enjoy being able to read excerpts from all of my backlist, but as it turns out, we’ve heard otherwise from many of you.

All of this free material was counted as part of the book and led readers to believe they still have 29% of the book left to read when in fact Kill Shot has just ended. Managing your expectations is something I take very seriously and I understand your frustration. If I was on a plane and I thought I was only two thirds of the way through a book and it abruptly ended I would be very disappointed.

We heard you and we fixed this. We have taken out the free sample chapters and should have this problem rectified. I appreciate your patience on the matter and I apologize for any disappointment or frustration that it has caused.

Vince Flynn

I’d love to give a long review, but if you read the synopsis, you’ve pretty much got the book.

It’s a run-of-the-mill spy thriller by a man whose bio and name sound fictional in and of themselves (and more interesting than the actual plot). Kraft marketing employee turns Navy pilot turns unceremoniously fired Navy pilot turns Glenn Beck commentator and writer. Apparently Kill Shot is a sequel to a prequel to a series and it felt like an enormous amount of filler. A not-very-interesting hit-gone-wrong turns into an expose about a mole in the CIA. Also there are French cops.

The writing is stock, but still less cloying and cliched than that awful Kristin Hannah novel, so I bumped up the rating slightly.

Rating: 2/5.

As always, here are some hilarious quotes.

“Samir was not a pious man when it came to his faith. He was a Muslim, but he left the holy prostrations to those who were more devout. He saw himself as a soldier tasked with taking Islam’s fight to the dirty Jews and the rest of the decadent West. To blend in, he needed to act like them, and if that meant drinking their liquor and sleeping with their women, then so be it.”

Subtle, Flynn. I wasn’t sure if all Muslims hated America, but then I read this book. Very helpful.

“Neville was good at her job. She had risen quickly through the ranks of the National Police, both in spite of the fact that she was a woman and because she was a woman.”

Flynn throws out lines like this for any of the three women in the book, two of women are hard-knuckle women in “men’s” roles, the third of whom is just Flynn’s equivalent of a Bond girl.There’s just the faintest aroma of sexism.

“Thomas Stansfield was accustomed to working Saturdays. The world did not stop fot the deputy director of Operations for the CIA to rest so he worked six and a half days a week.”

You don’t say.

“Secretary of State Franklin Wilson was wearing a white oxford shirt under a yellow cardigan sweater.”

Even the Secretary of State needs to be fashion-conscious.

“This is a fucking Catholic church,” Samir snapped. “A shrine built to honor the crusaders who killed my ancestors.”

“Actually,” the voice came from the far side of the chapel, “this beautiful church is a tribute to France’s victory in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. You should read your history, Samir. The Koran makes you a very narrow-minded person.”

BURN. Good one, Father!

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