Tackling The New York Time’s Best Sellers List

I have a feeling I’m going to wind up abandoning this ambitious goal, but I want to make a project of reading every #1 book on the New York Time’s Best Seller List (Combined Print & E-Book Fiction) for the next little bit.

For two reasons, mainly:
1) Because as an English major, and especially as an English major who was interested in the 19th Century, I feel like I missed out on reading what everyone else was reading for the last 5 years.
2) Because I feel I can make sassier and more relevant posts about Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo than I could about Typee or Washington Square.

In any event this means that the first book on the docket is Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is getting a sales boost due to the (reportedly God-awful) Tom Hanks adaptation that just came out.

Wish me luck.

You can find the reviews of the first book here:

Part One.

Part Two.

Part Three.

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